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If you have not yet linked your account, or you know someone who hasn't, please try to get this taken care of as soon as you can. In order to make this easier, I'm including step by step instructions,
and some of the more common errors in this email.


The first step is to create a White Wolf account. Anyone who has ordered from the WW catalog has already done this - feel free to use the same one. Feel free to make a new one if you can't figure out what email address you used before. Whatever. To create a new WW account, follow these steps:

1. Go to
2. Click on the "Register" link in the top row of options
3. Make up a username, enter your email address, birthdate, etc, and click the button
4. Fill out your mailing address. We don't care much about the rest, but no mailing address means no membership packet. Then click the button.
5. Enjoy.

Common Error: After finishing step 4, it sometimes returns to step 3. This can be confusing and frustrating, but if you look carefully at the top of that form as it's being redisplayed, you'll see a stealthy
error message saying that you're trying to use a username or email address that has already been taken. If your email is already taken, you already have an account and don't need to make a new one. If your username is already taken, pick again. Sorry.


Once you have a White Wolf account, the next step is to let WW know what your Cam number is. If you're helping a new member through this process, they don't have a Cam number yet, so they skip this step and instead go through the step to create a new Cam number (see below). If you remember the password you used in the old iCam system, follow
these steps:

1. Go to
2. Click on the "My Account" link in the top row of options.
3. Scroll down to the black bar that says "Camarilla Information"
4. Look where it says "Already have a Camarilla number? Click here to associate it with your account" - click on the "here"
5. Enter your Cam number and your old, decrepit iCam password, click Submit.
6. Enjoy.

If you do NOT remember your old iCam password, worry not. That just means we need to reset your password. No big deal. We're actually testing a new tool to do this automatically, but it's not quite ready
yet, so in the meantime, just email me and I'll take care of it (or send you instructions to do it yourself, depending on where we are in the testing process). Once you have your new iCam password, follow the above steps.

Common error: Your iCam password, which you just had reset, doesn't work. Gah! Log the issue in the bug tracker (see the end of this email). Include your name, Cam number, the email address on your WW account, and your date of birth (for security). We'll fix it.

Common error: It says your Cam number is not in the database and to please contact your national coordinator. This error could actually mean one of TWO things: either your Cam number isn't in the system
(happens more often with non-US affiliates), or your Cam number is already linked to an account (I've gotten several of these lately). Have a friend check in the CRD to see if your Cam number shows up - if
it does, ask your coordinator chain figure out what email address you linked it to and go from there. If it doesn't show up, then log the issue in the bug tracker (see the end of this email) with your name,
Cam number, the email address on your WW account, and your date of birth (for security). We'll fix it.


If you're on these lists, you already have a Cam number, but for those times when you might be helping a friend to sign up (we're all recruiting, right?), I'm including these instructions as well.

First, they need to create a WW account. Do that first. Second, they need to get a membership credit on their account. The easy way to do this is to log into their WW account, go to the WW catalog, and
purchase a Camarilla membership. If that's not an option for some reason, you can log into your account, go to the WW catalog, purchase a Camarilla membership, and transfer that credit to them. One way or another, though, they need a credit on their account. Then they follow these steps, which they *should* get via email as well:

1. Go to
2. Make sure there is a mailing address provided. If not, update the profile with a mailing address. Otherwise, the system will NOT assign them properly to the US, and we have to go through a long and annoying manual process to fix that later.
3. Go to <a 4. Click on the link to create a new membership. Follow the instructions. [note: if someone has a chance to do this and can send me click-by-click instructions, let me know.] The camredeem.php URL is also where you go to transfer a credit from your account to a friend, or to renew your own membership. Common error: You try to transfer a credit to another account, and it says it worked, but you still have a credit and they don't. We're still trying to track down why it does this, but until we get it figured out, log the issue in the bug tracker (see the end of this email) with your name, Cam number (if you have one), the email address for the account that has the credit, the email address for the account you want to have the credit, and the order number where the credit was purchased (if you bought more than one recently, include them all just in case). We'll fix it. REPORTING A BUG IN THE BUG TRACKER The bug tracker, aka Mantis, does require a username and password, but you can create an account "on the fly" - this is NOT your WW account username and password, and is not related to anything else. Mantis is a third-party piece of software that does a great job at keeping track of stuff for us, and by using a separate system, you can still log issues when, say, the issue is not being able to log in (as an example). Remember, though, that all we see is your username, so don't assume we can look up *anything*. If you do not already have a Mantis account, you'll need to create one: 1. Go to 2. Click on "Signup for a new account" 3. Pick a username. Enter your email. Do the thingie that proves you're not a robot. 4. Wait for the email. When it shows up, click on the link in that email. 5. Enjoy. Common error: The email never shows up. OK, so this isn't so common, but it's happened. Our best advice at this point is to try another email address, or ask a friend to log the bug for you. We suspect it's related to spam blocking. If this happens to you and you're a techie geek junky type, we could use some help in fixing it, but none of the geeks on the team have been able to duplicate it. Once you have an account, follow these steps to log an issue: 1. Go to 2. Log in 3. Click on "Report Issue" in the top row of options 4. Choose the appropriate project. Problems linking your account go into the "White Wolf Site" project. If you did not get to choose a project, look in the very upper right corner and you'll see a drop-down box with a project already selected (that is, you have a default project set). Change it as appropriate. 5. Choose a category that makes sense. Show whether you can make the error happen again vs. something that only happened once (reproducibility). Choose a severity (if it only affects you, it's "minor"). Describe the bug. Go to the bottom and click "Submit Report." 6. WATCH YOUR EMAIL!! When something happens to your case, like one of us geeks asking a question or assigning it to someone, you will get an email. If we ask a question, and nobody answers it, we eventually give up and close the case unsolved. This sucks, so please, watch your email. Common error: When you get an email and you reply to it, this does not update your case. This is actually pretty common. Our best recommendation is not to rely on email replies to update your case. Each email you get has a link you can click on to go to the web site and respond to comments or questions there - use that instead. Wes Contreras, US2002022038 US National Coordinator
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Ok alot of people have been spreading alot of inaccurate or misconceptual information about the LRA as a whole wanted to clear this up quickly and concisely for the record, hope this helps please direct your questions to myself should you have any and i'll try my best to straighten them out.

Here we go in a myth/fact format.

Myth: White Wolf owns the LRA.

Fact: White Wolf does not own the LRA, we entered into a licencing agreement with White Wolf, instead of bartering back and forth what the license would cost us for the rights to use the material and getting into some large numbers both parties agree'd using the Cam Number for Members system was the lowest cost most fluid process for us. It allows us to present to teh members of both organizations a more diverse group of games and meet the needs and desires of all members.

Myth: The LRA and the Camarilla are competators and it's bad to be in both orgs.

Fact: This is complete fabrication, we have looked at this very closely and to be honest the two organizations are not only complimentary but also allow both orgs to reach a larger audience through cooperative advertising and membership sharing teh goal is to create a larger group of members in both organizations to role play and form lasting friendships with, if I remember that's why we started doing thsi in the first place.

Myth: By having a camarilla number you automatically get an LRA membership.

Fact: This one is only partial myth, the truth is your Camarilla number entitles you to join the LRA this is true, as a requirement to LRA membership you need to go to and fill out the membership form. Your application will be quickly processed and you will recieve a confirmation e-mail. Since the LRA uses different structures and rewards from the Camarilla this is done for tracking purposes and to generate LRA centric membership and communication lists.

Character based Myths.

Myth: I can play any character I want in the LRA even if it is the same concept as my old Camarilla Character.

Fact: While this was origionally true, we have since taken a long look at this, and revised it to, you may portray any character concept including your old Camarilla one in all venues that are not currently running in the Camarilla under the OWoD. This means that you cannot portray the same concept in Changling and Mage at the current time.

Myth: The LRA will be running the same stories as the Camarilla.

Fact: This could not be further from teh truth, the LRA is not only running different stories we're also looking at many possible changes to Cannon over hte next 3 years. Understand the the basic premise as it comes to Cannon is that Cannon is not changing in hte OWoD so therefore the LRA could not possibly run the same stories, our goal is to run new stories based on the actions of the players and to work towards allowing the players to dictate the direction and scope of the stories covered.

Myth: The Camarilla Mage/Changeling venues and the LRA Mage/Changeling venues overlap.

Fact: This is not true in any sense again the venues are separate and using information from the other organization is not only against teh rules but also against the spirit of the agreement between the orgainzations and the strucutres of the agreement.

Myth: The LRA is not going to support hte entire World of Darkness.

Fact: This is not true we are in the process of hiring AGST's for the Mage, Mortals and wraith venues. These should eb up and running in teh next 3 months.

Myth: the LRA is trying to run an elders based game.

Fact: This is simply not true our creation rules do look this way at first glance, heck even I thought it, however the facts are we are seeing a non elders game rapidly forming which is representatvie of alot of the different ideas and such presented in the source materials. Yes Elders do exsist and yes anyone can play one with approval but it's interesting to see the reverse happening.

Myth: Charles Bailey is really the dark lord of the sith and I am his evil apprentice.

Fact: Simply false...really it is....we are not the dark lords yoru looking for....move along.

Well those are the ones ican think of off the top of my head again any concerns questions or such please e-mail

Michael Lee
Global Coordinator
Live Action Roleplayers Association
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Gen Con Indy was a most pleasurable experience. It was good to see old friends again and to make some new ones. I stayed at the Omni hotel and it was absolutely awesome!

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When I got back from Gen Con on Monday, I started my new job as an Assistant Store Manager for Family Dollar. I am enjoying it so far. It is very different from Borders. Their training process is awesome and there are 5 books I have to go thru before my training is finished. Marge, my boss, is down to earth and straight forward. I like that. If I ask a question, I get an answer. That is new for me. I had to pry answers out of them at Borders and then sometimes it was not even an answer. It is a farther drive but mostly highway so the gas mileage has been ok.