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Here are my thoughts regarding being back in the Cam.

I was hesitant to rejoin because of a lot of garbage that was going on throughout the entire Cam (along with my personal life) and decided that those who were my friends would still be my friends if I left. I did indeed find out who my friends were and who wasn't. It was an amazing experience to realize that I could have a life outside the Cam. It also amazed me at how many people left the Cam around the same time I did.

What I am seeing now is a lot of really OLD players coming back to the Cam including myself. The welcome I received at my first Cam/Anarch game was awesome! I was only going to play that venue. Then a sill person who shall remain nameless decided that I needed to play Requiem again. Trepidation and angst were part of my feelings. That was the venue where all the crap had happened. Not sure I wanted to head back into that realm again. But, I got dragged back into it kicking and screaming! (Ok not so much screaming but you get the idea). What I found when I got there was an amazing new group of people along with some of the old. I can honestly say that I am having a whole lot of fun!

Now I am taking control of what I want to do in the Cam. I am going to play Sabbat and Forsaken when our venue gets back up and running.

So here I sit contemplating a new character for Sabbat. Already have plans on characters when we do the hard reset next year.

So Thanks to two of my friends who dragged me back kicking and screaming - Thank you!
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