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I know I have not written here in a long time but I found something to rant about!

I still do not understand breast implants and why they even exist. Breast reduction I understand. There are health issues there. So this has me completely off guard. I never expected to see this subjected discussed. Designer vaginas. Why in the world is it needed? Now I can understand if a woman has been raped or child birth has truly distorted the area so much and surgery is needed to repair the area. But come on already! They are getting it just for shits and giggles. If you cannot live with what you were born with and the cards dealt, then might I suggest kegel exercises? (See ) It sure helped me and millions of women get the vagina back into shape after having kids! No offense but I have been told that I have a very tight one thank you very much! Some doctors are saying that this is not a good idea! Hmmm a slip of the knife and kiss your orgasms goodbye and Urinary tract infections. Those suck wind. They are painful and annoying! They can be the devil to get rid of too! NOW they want to have their virginity back! The Muslim women are going to France to have their virginity restored! Maybe we all should have that done too! Then we can all have our cherry popped again! I don't know about you but, that was painful experience for me. I do not want to repeat it! Now again, if you are raped, go for it, if that is what you want.

This country is so enthraled with the idea that a woman has to have the perfect body and the perfect clothes and shoes and life. Get a clue people! LIFE IS WHAT YOU MAKE IT! If a man does not want you for who you are tell him to shove off! He is not worth your time of day. If anyone tells you that you need surgery to look better.. ask them who they need to look better for! Get a backbone! This subject irritates me so much I cannot even see straight! Being anorexic looking is NOT healthy. Being extremely overweight has health issues too. But dammit, I am me and I will be damned if I will ever cowtow to a society that puts airheaded skinny plaistic women on a pedestal.
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There was a note that girls as young as 16 are getting these vaginal operations. I can understand a little stitch up after having kids but come on... I don't know.

An argument about circumcison broke out in the cam room today. They said "they don't get to choose and no one does anything." At what point however, do women in this society stop choosing... if they don't conform to some ideal they find themselves alienated and unaccepted. Studies in HR hiring practices even note that thinner women are more ap to be hired than heavier women - so now if you don't fit to some ideal you have a hard time making money and feeding yourself... so while we 'choose' there's a point where society has such an impact on what we should be and what is 'expected' that suddenly you feel like you don't have a choice.

Now it's not bad - esp if people like you are willing to stand for yourself. But the worse this gets, the more impact it has on the younger generations, and the more 'expectations' bleed into our society... that is my concern.

For a country that is so obsessed with being thin, we have more obese people per capita... I think there's a relation... I was shocked to see so few 'super thin' people in Australia but there weren't as many incidents of obesity either - and neither seemed to have any kind of ties to economic stature. (In that you didn't see super thin girls toting prada bags or super fat impoverished people on the subway wearing third generation handmedown sweat oufits like you do on the trains, busses and subways in this country).


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