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I do not keep up regularly here but I think it is about time that I do. Since my last post, I am indeed divorced. Being single is ok I guess. Loved it when I was younger but now, it is just lonely. I miss human touch and hugs and the simple things that go on in a relationship. I do not miss the anger that was related to my marriage though. It is difficult when you find out your partner was cheating on you for 5 years and then find out it was the entire marriage.
I just do not want to become bitter like my mother did. She is a bitter old woman and I never want to be that.

I have a new granddaughter and she is adorable and I do not get to see enough of any of my grand kids because of distance mostly and the price of gasoline today.

I did in fact rejoin the Camarilla. So far it has been fun. Thanks to Don Slinkard for badgering me!!

I am working at a job that I like but does not pay enough to survive. So now I have to look for another job part time (too old for that crap of working 16 hour days) or get a room mate. Had one of those at my last house. That did not work out too well because of his obligations to his child support. I get that but, regardless you still have to pay the bills or you have no place to live. I just wish I could afford to live with the amount of money I get. $9.00 an hour for 40 hours only gives you $360 BEFORE taxes are taken out. Everyone has to have their piece of the pie. City, state and feds. I could get health insurance but if I do that, I give up eating or heat or electric. So no health care for me because I can't afford that bill either. If I had a crap load of kids I could get food stamps and medicaid. I obviously am not able to do that at all.

So will the world end this year? I have no clue! But I can tell you the world is changing rapidly. Unrest is all over the globe. Occupy (name the city or place) and you will find people angry with the bailouts and joblessness and foreclosures and the economy sucks all over. I do not personally see a way out of it. I am thankful I have a job with the meager paycheck.
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Get out and Meet People. You need to find a club full of people your age, that is thriving.

I did, its a blast.


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